Data Updates and Maintenance

Geoscape completed capture and delivery of the Surface Cover product in October 2018 and has since commenced the update, maintenance and improvement program. More information on the proposed update schedule is available from the Geoscape website.

Update Frequency

Urban Surface Cover updates are applied and released on a quarterly schedule.

National Surface Cover achieved complete coverage of Australia for the October 2018 release. There are currently no plans to update this layer from new capture. The source data capture dates range between 2014 and 2017.

Update Source

The initial capture of the Urban Surface Cover layer was classified from remotely sensed satellite imagery at a 2-metre grid resolution.

From the November 2021 product release, updates to Urban Surface Cover have been classified from aerial captured imagery.

Update Scope

Surface Cover updates occurs for all existing objects with changed geometry, attributes and/or metadata, as well as data for new objects supplied prior to the release time period. Updates to the product include:

  1. The inclusion of any new capture of Surface Cover received from third-party partners.

  2. Corrections and/or improvements to production processes in generating Surface Cover.