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Retirement of addresses in NSW and Queensland

Geoscape has continued to review and retire addresses that were provided by contributors where they are considered to be either historical and have been replaced by other addresses or are “infill” addresses. Focus for the May 2024 Release has been in the New South Wales where 1,000 addresses have been retired and in Queensland where 1,200 addresses have been retired. In both cases, the addresses are considered not in use by the community and as such, have been retired and allocated a confidence level of -1.

Impact of Cadastral shifts in Victoria on address geocodes

As mentioned in previous updates of G-NAF, the spatial upgrade works being undertaken in Victoria are continuing and as a result of the cadastral shifts generated, the geocodes of many addresses related to those parcels have moved.

In the May 2024 update, approximately 130,000 address geocodes have been moved. These movements generally range from 1 metre to 40 metres with the majority being around 2 to 7 metres. The highest concentrations of the movements have been in the following LGA’s, with the city of Greater Bendigo being the largest with approximately 40,000 changes.

  • Greater Bendigo City

  • Yarra Ranges Shire

  • Wellington Shire

  • East Gippsland Shire

  • Moira Shire

  • Wangaratta Rural City

  • Campaspe Shire

  • Ballarat City

  • Hepburn Shire

  • Horsham Shire

  • Macedon Ranges Shire

  • Swan Hill Shire

  • Mildura Rural City

  • Loddon Shire

  • Bass Coast Shire

  • Pyrenees Shire

In a small number of cases in the May 2024 update (ie approx. 2,000), the address geocode has not been moved by the jurisdiction resulting in the address geocode being located in the road casement, and an example of the change is shown below. As explained in the February 2024 release notes, this is limited to addresses with a geocode type of PAPS. It is not known at this time when these geocodes will be moved by the jurisdiction back within the parcel boundaries.

Vic cadastral shifts affecting PAPS addresses

Notification of Change

Removal of the ‘Documents’ folder from data packages

Geoscape has moved product descriptions, guides and reports online to From this release onwards, data packages will no longer include the ‘Documents’ folder.