• Nationally, the May 2024 update of G-NAF shows an increase of 46,261 addresses overall (+0.30%). The total number of addresses in G-NAF now stands at 15,654,578 of which 14,820,195 or 94.67% are principal.

  • The confidence level distribution nationally for the May 2024 release has the confidence 2 addresses increasing by 40,753 from the February 2023 release with the total percentage of confidence 2 addresses increasing to 68.59% of principal addresses. The number of confidence 1 addresses has increased by 777 and represent 14.28% of all principal addresses while confidence 0 addresses have decreased by 528 and represent 17.13% of addresses.

  • With respect to address reliability, there was an increase of 43,434 address level, a decrease of 2,584 in street locality addresses and an increase of 152 in locality level addresses. The reliability of principal addresses in G-NAF is now made up of 97.59% address level, 2.37% street locality addresses and 0.03% locality addresses.

Release Summary

Update summary

  • Retirement of addresses in NSW and Queensland.

  • Impact of cadastral shifts in Victoria.

  • For details on theses updates, refer to the Updates section in this report.

Issues summary

  • For more information refer to the Updates section on these issues.

Future Considerations

  • Changes to Geoscape Cadastre and Property.

  • Details of these changes can be found under the ‘Future Considerations’ section of this report.