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Property is a seamless national representation of Australia’s property parcels. A property is an area of land recognised by the Local Government (or equivalent agency in the ACT) as a singularly valued/rateable entity. The digital property boundaries and their legal identifiers have been derived from the relevant bodies from each Australian State and Territory. It may comprise one or more cadastral parcels or part of a parcel with boundaries not needing to align between the two (although commonly this is the case). Where the property is comprised of multiple parcels, the parcels do not have to be contiguous.


Property is designed to meet the needs of organisations that require a geospatial representation of Australia’s property boundaries at both a local and broad scale. The attribution of records provided within Property, and its relationship to other Geoscape datasets such as Cadastre, allows for the application of the data across a wide range of commercial, government and research uses. Geoscape Australia welcomes your feedback on the Property product. We also publish regular updates on the development of our products on the Geoscape website ( ).