Data Content and Structure

A data model is included (Appendix A) with an associated data dictionary (Appendix B).

Feature-based data

The feature type is based on a spatial polygon for the various postcode areas. The table below outlines the features and their integration into the datasets.

Feature Based Data.






A postcode may be represented either as an area or a point-type postcode. A postcode may have many polygons defining its boundary. Postcode boundaries do not have to match locality boundaries. A point-type postcode will have 1 active centroid defining its location.

A Postcode has:

  • 0 to many related Localities records

Ideally, a postcode must be related to at least 1 locality, but this is not possible in all cases (eg. Northern Territory) so cannot be enforced as a hard-and-fast rule in the database.

Feature-based application schema (data model)

The data model is set out in Appendix A.

Data Dictionary

The feature catalogue in support to the application schema is provided in Appendix B. Spatial attributes are added to the feature catalogue in the same manner as other attributes for completeness and conformance to the application schema.

The following table refers to all tables in the Feature Catalogue below.

Feature Catalogue.






The name of the column in the Integrated Database

Data Type

Data type

The Oracle data type of the column. Mapinfo TAB files have similar data types.



A description of the column and what the expected contents are

Primary Key

Prim Key

If ‘Y’ then this column must always have a unique value. (has # entry in the data model tables)



Y = mandatory. If ‘Y’ (mandatory), this column must be populated with data. That is, all ACTIVE records must have values in this column.

Foreign Key Table


Represents a column in the ‘Foreign Key Table’ that this column is referred to by another table. (has * entry in the data model tables)

Foreign Key Column

F K Col

Represents a table in the Integrated Database that this column is referred to.

10 Character Alias

10 Char Alias

An alias for this column name - up to 10 characters maximum. Used to define the name of the column when in ESRI Shapefile format.

For all tables the Persistent Identifier (_PID), DATE_CREATED and DATE_RETIRED fields are governed by the ICSM Policy and Guidelines for Incremental Update. This can be accessed by following the link below.

Feature-based content scope

Postcodes are allocated only to areas where Australia Post operates a delivery network and where gazetted suburbs/localities exist. Postcode boundaries generally do not capture areas outside gazetted suburbs/localities or other mailing addresses such as PO Boxes, Mail Centres or large volume recipients.