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Postcode Boundaries Product Description

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August 2021

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Geoscape Australia Limited
Unit 6, 113 Canberra Avenue, GRIFFITH ACT 2603 Australia
T: +61 2 62609000 | E: support@geoscape.com.au
URL: www.geoscape.com.au | ABN: 23 089 912 710



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Boundaries to facilitate the delivery of physical mail to customers.

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Informal description of the data product

The Postcode Boundaries dataset is the definitive set of postcodes developed by Australia Post and Geoscape Australia. It includes two data layers, postcode boundaries (polygon data) and postcode centroids (point data).

Postcodes are allocated to geographic areas to facilitate the efficient processing and delivery of mail to customers. The current four-digit numeric postcode system was introduced in 1967 in association with the first mechanised mail processing centre inAustralia. The Postcode Boundaries in most cases are an aggregation of Geoscape’s Localities product boundaries for each postcode. The postcodes of 3000 and 3004 are created from the single gazetted suburb of Melbourne.

The government land administration agencies in each State and Territory are responsible for gazetting locality names and boundary positions. Postcodes are commonly allocated to localities officially gazetted by land agencies. In the majority of circumstances, a postcode covers an area comprising of more than one locality. The decision as to whether a new postcode or an existing postcode is to be allocated to a locality is based on operational efficiency. Issues that underpin the decision are critically analysed; these include the configuration of the Australia Post network, transportation connections and delivery arrangements.


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