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Geoscape is the digital Australia – a comprehensive representation of our built environment. It is consistently formatted spatial data that describes the addresses, land, buildings and transport networks across Australia’s complex cities, regional centres and rural communities.

Geoscape Australia is the trading name of PSMA Australia Limited, a self-funded public company owned by the governments of Australia. The organisation’s first major initiative was to support the 1996 Census through the provision of Australia’s first national digital basemap at street-level.

We were incorporated in 2001 and tasked with collating, transforming and delivering national spatial datasets. Our establishment reflected the desire of Australian governments to work together to establish national, location information infrastructure to advance the emerging information economy. Geoscape Australia is now a trusted source of essential national location data, with a diverse ecosystem of data partners.

The value of Geoscape data is in its richness. It enables a range of innovations and applications. To support broad use of the data, it is available through online subscription services in business-ready formats, as well as customised enterprise plans. Geoscape Australia has a network of solution partners that integrate Geoscape data into other products and services. The partner network includes traditional geospatial specialists and data engineers, as well as software developers, marketing service providers, systems integrators and consultancies.

Data Product Specification Title

Roads Product Description

Data Scope

Roads is a digital representation of the road network of Australia. Roads contains linear features to describe surfaces that have been improved to enable vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle transportation on land and ferry routes that enable vehicles to cross water bodies. Roads does not include railways, tramways, driveways or passenger ferry routes.

Reference Date

September 2023

Responsible Party

PSMA Australia Limited trading as Geoscape Australia
ABN: 23 089 912 710
Unit 6, 113 Canberra Avenue, GRIFFITH ACT 2603 Australia
T: +61 2 6260 9000



Topic Category

Linear spatial representation of roads and related characteristics across Australia.

Informal Description of the Data Product

Roads is a national digital dataset which represents the road network across all States and Territories of Australia. Roads is the linear vector representation of a road attributed with its characteristics. Roads also provides a spatial relationship between Road features and Locality boundaries via the Street Locality Line table, which enables linkage to the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF). The linkage to G-NAF facilitates a mapping of an address held in G-NAF to Roads enabling uses where road geometry and address are important. Users should note that the update frequency for the roads and street_locality_line tables are different. The roads table is updated on a monthly schedule, while street_locality_line is updated quarterly in line with the G-NAF release. This difference can cause small discrepancies to arise when releases are not synchronised.

Distribution Format

This document is available in PDF format. For other formats and use of this document, contact Geoscape Support (support@geoscape.com.au).


Geoscape products and services should not contain any personal or business names or other sensitive information. Geoscape undertakes reasonable data cleansing steps as part of its production processes to ensure that is the case. If you think that personal information may have inadvertently been included in Geoscape products or services, please contact support@geoscape.com.au.